Unique features of reproductive technology in St. Petersburg

Full range of individual services and comprehensive surrogacy programs

St. Petersburg is the capital of reproductive tourism in Russia

Reproductive tourism - a trip abroad or another region

for a certain time, the purpose of which is reproductive treatment and assistance in conceiving, gestation and childbirth

The legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of assisted reproductive technology

Russia's ART legislation is one of the most democratic in the world, but at the same time governed by a number of clearly defined laws. Foreign nationals wishing to participate in reproductive programs, including egg donation, sperm donors, embryos or surrogacy, have exactly the same rights as Russian citizens

High qualification of reproductologists and advanced equipment of clinics

In St. Petersburg, vast experience has been gained in the field of ART:

the first successful IVF IN St. Petersburg took place in 1986. In the city on the Neva there are many highly qualified specialists with impressive practical experience and an international reputation. The leading clinics of St. Petersburg are equipped with the latest medical equipment and use the most modern technologies.

Visa and transport accessibility

Visa and transport accessibility are an important criteria for choosing a country/city for treatment. At the moment Pulkovo airport ( 15 km from the center

St. Petersburg), operates regular international flights to more than 70 cities around the world.  The visa regime for foreign citizens is simplified annually and the list of such countries is constantly expanding.

Affordable prices for assisted reproductive technologies

Prices for treatment in Russia, due to the difference in exchange rates, several times lower than in other countries. So in the US the price of IVF starts from 8400$,

in Spain-from 5300$. The client of the St. Petersburg clinic will pay-2900$;

the cost of surrogacy program in the United States starts from 80 000$, 

and in Russia the full package costs 60 000$

Combination of rest and treatment

St. Petersburg is the city-museum, with a unique history and architecture. The historic center and monuments are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Clients of St. Petersburg clinics comfortably combine treatment with a sightseeing.  At your disposal there are more than 200 museums, about 45 art galleries, over 80 theaters, and just walking around the city will bring great pleasure.

High rates of IVF

The Russian government actively supports the development of innovative reproductive technologies, for Russian citizens IVF procedure is part of the compulsory health insurance.

The average level of efficiency for IVF in St. Petersburg is 38%, which is the upper limit of the accepted average European level. 

In some clinics, the indicators are 40-45% and even 67% (figures for 2018)

Some facts and figures about Assisted reproductive technologies in Russia


In Russia there are more than 200 specialized IVF clinics, in St. Petersburg there are more than 30.

2nd place

1000 000

Russia is the leader in the numbers of services in the ART provided in Europe,  

and ranks 2nd in the world after the US in this area

More than 1 000 000 treatment cycles of assisted reproductive technologies have been carried out in Russia

Agency of reproductive technologies Newlife – your reliable assistant on the way to happiness to become parents.

Services of the reproductive agency "New Life"

Choosing an IVF clinic
Selection of oocyte donor and surrogate mother
Surrogate motherhood program

selection is based on your wishes and our knowledge

about features of clinics of St. Petersburg, we do not lobby interests of any of clinics.

Provision and control of ART programs

a flexible approach to solving each specific situation; one-time services or complex programs are possible. How much you need our help is up to you.

we provide a choice of both our own database of donors and carry out an individual search, preliminary medical examination of donors is mandatory, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Legal service

full legal support: from legal assistance on Russian legislation in the field of ART

until full registration of parental rights.

these are complex programs, starting from the primary medical examination of all participants of the program, pregnancy management, ending with the organization of obstetric aid and the settlement of all legal formalities.


from standard services-transfer organization

from the airport or hotel booking to individual-help in buying clothes for the baby or the selection of nanny.

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Medical institutions and IVF clinics of St. Petersburg





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