How we work



Obtaining information by the customer about the programs of interest, stages, procedure, cost, duration, legal regulations learning databases of oocyte donors/surrogate mothers

Obtaining information about the reproductive health of potential parents


Selection of oocyte donors

Selection of oocyte donors (1-2 weeks) surrogate mothers (2-4 weeks).

Meeting of the customer(optional) with two candidates.

Approval of the candidate.


Medical examination of potential parents

Medical and genetic screening


Consultation of a psychologist to identify the readiness of the couple to join the program


Medical protocol

Synchronization of cycles

Puncture of the oocyte




Supervision of surrogate mother's pregnancy and childbirth

Supervision of pregnancy and delivery of a surrogate mother.

Control of timely visit of surrogate mother to all specialists, observance of all doctor's prescriptions and reception of necessary medicines

Support of surrogate mother at the reception of specialists and in the hospital


Negotiating terms and getting started

Coordination and signing of the contract between the Agency "new life" and the customer

cooperation begins after payment for the selection of oocyte donors/surrogate mothers


Comprehensive survey

In-depth medical examination of oocyte donors/surrogate mothers


Conclusion of contracts

Conclusion of contracts of potential parents with an oocyte donor / surrogate mother; potential parents with the clinic where the IVF program will be held.


Contracts are drawn up in Russian (for Russian citizens) or 2 languages, taking into account the national language and the legislation of the country of residence of potential parents


Pregnancy confirmation

Pregnancy confirmation

Based on ultrasound and blood test forhCG (6-8 weeks)


Preparing documents for parental rights

Preparing documents for the registration of parental rights, obtaining a birth certificate of the child, documents necessary for the departure of parents with the child in the country of residence.