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Cooperation with the Agency “New Life”

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Our partner program will be interesting both for medical and reproductive tourism agencies and for individuals working in the social and medical field.

Reproductive tourism is a time-bound journey abroad or another region that aims to provide reproductive treatment and assistance in the conception, delivery, and birth of a child

30 reasons for collaboration with the New life reproductive Technology Agency

Growth of the market of reproductive tourism in Russia and the world

  • New reproductive health technologies offer opportunities for more people to become parents

  • Increasing the age of women in many countries of the world who wish to have children leads to the use of supportive reproductive technologies

  • Poor ecology has a negative impact on women's childbearing functions

  • The growth of single parents who decided to have a child

  • Removal of the restriction on the number of children in the family in countries such as China and India

Additional income and support of the agency "New life"

  • Democratic legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of ART

  • Doctors have impressive practical experience, due to the large flow of patients, the scientific base and logistical support

  • High rates of St. Petersburg IVF clinics

  • Prices are significantly lower than in Europe and the United States

  • Excellent transport accessibility and visa requirements

  • An opportunity to combine rest with treatment, since St. Petersburg is a museum city.

Additional income and support of the agency "New life"

  • The most" transparent " and clear affiliate program with high income

  • Personal tutor for each partner, and the absence of a language barrier

  • The conclusion of a formal contract

  • Information support on all issues

  • Advertising and promotional materials of the Agency "New Life"

  • Efficiency of the agency team and flexible approach to solving issues

More opportunities for your customers

  • Increase of knowledge about the possibilities of assisted reproductive technologies in St. Petersburg

  • The joy of being parents

  • Saving mental strength and financial resources

  • A comfortable stay in St. Petersburg with the support of a professional agency

  • Acquaintance with a unique city, with an amazing atmosphere of St. Petersburg

«New Life» Agency is your reliable partner

  • Extensive experience in medical tourism

  • Strict compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of ART

  • The head of New Life, as well as curators of medical programs, have a higher medical education

  • Continuous development of professional competencies by team members

  • Attentive and careful attitude to patients

Automatic partnership with our medical tourism agency "B.F. ConcultingMED"

  • Increase the range of services for customers in other areas of medicine

  • The offer of high-tech directions of Russian medicine: Oncology, low- invasive cardiology and others.

  • The opportunity to collaborate not only on inbound medical tourism to Russia, but also when patients leave for treatment in other countries of the world.

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