Dear friends,

At the initial stage of our work, we asked ourselves the question:

"What is valuable and important we can offer you, based on our seven years of experience and practice in the field of medical tourism?»

As a result, we highlighted several points that are the basis of the company's work:

Advanced assisted reproductive technologies and personal practices:

  • - we monitor innovations in the field of reproductive technologies, participate in medical conferences and symposia, so we can offer the best available in reproductive medicine today;

  • - the head of the company has the higher medical education that provides professional approach to the solution of your problem;

  •  -the majority of supervisors of medical programs have medical education

  • - we practice an individual approach, as there are no two identical cases, each situation is unique.-

Correctnessand delicacy – "St. Petersburg intelligence", well known outside St. Petersburg:

  • we pay maximum attention to the psychological state of women and future parents, understanding the "painfull points" and vulnerability of our clients;

  • we do not impose additional services, but we offer full support: from typical services, such as the organization of transfer as well as individual services, for example, help in buying clothes for the baby;

  • we care about the protection of the personal data of all participants in the reproductive process, ensuring safety and anonymity.

Specialization in assisted reproductive technologies using the experience in helping clients with various diseases

  • -We provide a holistic approach to solving problems with infertility and surrogacy;

  • -we select the best participants in the process (IVF clinic, maternity hospital, surrogates, lawyers, etc.), taking into account their reputation and based on our own practice, and also take into account your wishes.

  • We work efficiently and are ready to listen to you 24/7, as we have experience working with cases where the life and health of our clients depend on the speed of decision-making.

With respect, to you and your life situation,

Team of the Reproductive Technology Agency NewLife

About us

The New Life Agency for Assisted Reproductive Technologies is part of the B.F. ConsultingMed ”specializing in assisted reproductive technologies.


B.F. ConsultingMed -

  • for 5 years, has been accepting foreign and Russian patients for treatment in St. Petersburg in oncology, ophthalmology, cardiology, IVF and other high-tech areas of Russian medicine.

  • cooperates with leading clinics in Austria, Germany and other countries. A large number of patients from Russia and the CIS received quality treatment in the countries of the European Union.

  • is a member of the International Medical Tourism Association, as well as other well-known professional organizations.

Partnership and Membership in Associations

Medical Tourism Association of the RF

лого IMTAA Ассоцияция медагентств_edited

Association of Medical Tourism Agencies    

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Russian Association of Human Reproduction

Китайский дел_центр_edited.png
logo-chinadom Дом китайской дружбы.png

Chinese business center

Home of Russian-Chinese friendship

Medical Director

The head of the medical direction, Ekaterina Dumich, has a higher medical education (Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University, honours degree) and a university degree in marketing, advertising and PR (St. Petersburg State University, honours degree).

Expert in marketing and advertising in the medical business.

The author of the optional course "Features of the use of indirect advertising and PR-technologies for the promotion of medical enterprises" (KSMU).

Experience in medical consulting for over 15 years.

Favorite quote :

«There are thousands of diseases, but health can be only one»(L. Bern)

The development of our professional competencies is the basis for your health and family well-being.


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