Choosing an IVF clinic


Agency "New life" works with IVF clinics, which occupy a leading position in efficiency (the percentage of IVF above 50%). All medical centers which our Agency cooperateswith have the appropriate licenses and certificates. Of the 30 specialized IVF clinics in the Northern capital, we have selected the best, but we do not lobby for any of them.





Международный центр Репродуктивной Медицины


Центр репродукции "Генезис"

НИИ Акушерства и Гинекологии им.Д.О.Отта РАМН



Балтийский институт репродуктологии  человека


Oocyte donor selection

In practice, oocyte donors often become :

- relatives or acquaintances

-anonymous / non-anonymous professional donors selected by the Agency according to certain criteria.


Agency "New life" has formed its own database of egg donors in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation imposed on oocyte donors.  

Before entering into the database, all donors undergo an initial medical examination.

Learn more about oocyte donation programs.


Selection of a surrogate mother

Agency "New life" will pick up a healthy surrogate mother without bad habits, taking into account the wishes of the customer. At the time of program surrogate mothers stay in St. Petersburg. For our database we selected surrogates according to the Order of the Ministry of health (№107). We provide the customer with several candidates for future surrogates with photos. After reviewing the questionnaires, at the request of future parents organize a meeting with two candidates to make a decision.



Surrogate motherhood program

If a couple has not managed to overcome the problem of infertility with the help of other methods of ART, surrogacy allows a woman to become a mother, a married couple to become parents, and a man to become a father.

The composition of surrogacy programs


Support and control of ART programs

The New Life agency offers full coordination of surrogacy programs: from the initial medical examination of all program participants, conducting pregnancy, ending with the organization of obstetric care services with the settlement of all legal formalities. We can provide a curator to monitor and assist a surrogate mother. The curator is an employee of our agency. He monitors compliance by the surrogate mother of all the terms of contracts with customers, medical institutions, monitors the implementation of prescriptions and recommendations of doctors, is in touch with the surrogate mother 24/7 and will be able to come toassistance in case of unforeseen circumstances.

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Legal service

We offer Full legal support from legal advice on Russian legislation in the field of art to complete registration of parental rights. We draw up contractual relations between all participants of the program, help in obtaining a birth certificate of the child with the indication of genetic parents as parents of the child, and preparation of documents necessary for departure of parents with the child to the country of residence, etc.)

Prices for legal services


Concierge services

Concierge services-will help you in all occasions. The Agency "new life" provides all participants with everything necessary for a comfortable way to the happiness of parenthood and also managewith different requests: from booking tickets for the world Cup to rent a yacht for walks on the Gulf of Finland.

List and cost of Concierge services